Your mobile app eCommerce store will have all the fascination features that your web store has and more.

Product Catalogue

The listing of the products is the first thing that customers notice when they will visit your business app. We ensure that they get a rich experience and have the ease of browsing through various products with an organized presentation as well as detailed information about each product.

Optimized Searching

The listing of products as per categories allow the customers to search for the desired products with ease. Also, each customer will have the option to rate and review the products they have purchased from the business, thus helping other users in making the purchasing decisions.

Shopping Cart

The customers can view and modify their current selections to the shopping cart before proceeding for payment. The faster loading and easy single-page checkout ensure that the customers can complete their orders and make payments through integrated Paypal payment gateway.

Easy Payment Options

The Paypal payment gateway integration allows the customers to complete their order by directly paying through the app at the time of placing their order. Subsequently, businesses can manage transactions, payment history, deposits, and other financial disputes from the dashboard with ease.

Manage Orders

The “Orders” option in the app displays the details of all the orders placed by the customer, including order date, total amount, and the status of the order (processing, on-route, and delivered). This allows the customers to have all the information about the products that they have purchased.

Currency Conversion

The app offers the option to convert the currency of all the product prices. The customers can pick the desired currency from the drop-down list at the top of the app and all the prices of all the products listed in the catalogue will be converted automatically.

Web Store Synchronization

The business app will be in sync with the website, hence ensuring that all the information from the accounts on the web store is transferred to the mobile application seamlessly. This makes the app usage easy for both the existing customers and the business.

Quick Configuration

The businesses can get a completely personalized mobile app store within a few days with several additional features to the eCommerce website. It takes as less as 5 days to get the mobile app for the Magento store without having to trouble any of the business operations.