Benefits of Having a Mobile App

Why does your Magento store need a mobile app?


Boost in Average Cart Value

People browse more products and shop more when they find the process to be smooth. A mobile app offers more ease of selecting the products and making payments to customers. Also, it becomes easier for businesses to market the products and offers through push notifications without spamming (and hence annoying) the customers.


Reduced Cart Abandonment

The more time customers have at hand between selecting the products and making payment, the more they will have time to change their mind. With the smooth navigations and quick single-page checkout option in app, the businesses can now get rid of their major concern point, that is, abandonment of carts.


Better Brand Reorganization

When mobile users see your app logo in their phone every time they scroll through the apps or take a glance at the targeted push notifications, it increases the brand recognition. Subsequently, it boosts the probability of conversions and generating more revenues as they turn to the business they can easily recall for relevant products.


Higher Customer Retention

The clear advantage of having a business mobile app is being able to track the browsing pattern and integration with social media apps that let the businesses know about the preferences of their customers, and hence target them accordingly. Mobile apps are highly personalized and allows the businesses to provide an exclusive experience to the customers.


User-Friendly & Secure

The major concern for customers shopping online is the safety of their personal and payment details. With long checkout processes on a website, there are higher chances of failed transactions. On the contrary, third party payment integration makes the process quicker and safer as the customer only need to enter details once.


Appealing Themes & Designs

Having an appealing design and soothing colour schemes ensure that the customers have a pleasing experience while shopping and thus spend more time on the app to shop. Mobile app lets businesses customize the theme and design to coordinate with the preferences of target audience as well as brand image.

mCommerce - The Future of Online Retail Business

  • From 2016 to 2017, there was a 35% increase in gross app revenue. In fact, it's predicted that we'll reach $189 billion in app revenue worldwide by the end of 2020.
  • Based on a research by Mind Inventory, 83% of shoppers use shopping apps on their smartphones.
  • Statista claims that mobile devices generate nearly 50% of global website traffic. Currently, shopping apps have the highest growth rate. (Refer image below. Figures are in %)

What We Have to Offer?

Android & iOS App

The eCommerce app will be compatible with both Android and iOS devices, thus making it convenient for everybody to install it.

Syncs with Web Store

We will create a functional clone of your Magento 2 web store and will convert it into a shopping mobile application for your business.

Go Live Quickly

You can get your Magento web store converted into a functional and appealing mobile app for both the stores in as less as 5 days.

API Connected with Web Store

With the API keys assigned to connect the business mobile app with the web store, the entire data including current orders, customers and products can be accessed from the app too.

Personalized Theme, Logo, Style, and Branding

With just a few clicks, the businesses can customize the theme, logo, design, text, template, and other features appearing on the app anything they wish to.

eCommerce Web Store

For the businesses entering the web world for the first time, Dotsquares also provide the desktop eCommerce store along with the mobile app.

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Jack Ryan

Magento Acquisto is the most affordable and efficient solution. The customizable framework and quick configuration ensured that I could start benefiting from my business app quickly.

Tyler Rake

I had an amazing experience working with the Dotsquares team. They understood by brand requirements and ensured that an efficient replica of my Magento web store is designed within the astonishing quick time frame they had committed to.

Emma Waltham

I am really impressed with the eCommerce mobile app that has been put together by the supportive team at Dotsquares. I had been searching for a cost-effective solution to create my Magento store’s mobile app and they offered me with just that.

Hannah Schmitt

Customer Supply Manager

I’m really impressed with what I have seen so far from the showcase. I want to thank the whole team for being so supportive and efficient at work. My application works blazingly fast and all credit go to Dotsquares.